Building Services Engineering
Heat, Air, Water and Electrical Energy for your Building

The creation of a comfortable climate in housing and on the job is the task and the effort in this technical discipline. Our special attention we give to the economical usage of limited available energies and to  environmental protection.

There are high, but completely different demands regarding conception and solutions:
Does it concern a production hall, an administration building, a laboratory? Different aspects are to be considered with each building regarding technology as well as regarding economy. assmann beraten + planen integrates the technical disciplines of building services into an overall planning approach. In the context of "total design services" heating, ventilation, climate, sanitary, control and automation, cooling  and special technologies are considered - starting with the basis of the project up to performance control.


Projects (Building Services):
Waste Disposal Centre Nienburg
Commercial Row Fallersleben
Timber Products Plant, Shuya, Russia
Volkswagen Assembly Shop, Poland
Brückfeld Estate Magdeburg
Volkswagen-Works Zwickau/Mosel